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  • Mass spectrometry data (MS) validation: Get identified proteins/peptides crossing results provided by different search engines.
  • Proteins/Peptides validation: MS and Mass Spectrometry Informatics (MSI) statistics support for proteomics experiment results. (Coming soon)
  • Protein cross-referencing: Extract homologous protein ids among different protein databases.
  • Protein annotations: Extract the biological information regarding a set of identified proteins.
  • Experiment reporting:
    • Generation of MS and MSI standard reports (PRIDE and MIAPE) for public deposition (required by specialized journals).
    • Generation HUPO-PSI XML files from MIAPE reports for MS, MSI and GE experiments.
  • Data visualization using standard-based third party tools.
  • Proteomics web sites parsing: Extracting regular data from proteomics-based web sites.
  • Tutorials and training courses regarding the listed items.